I used to do 24-hour fasts but haven’t visited that behavior in a very long time… I’m talking decades! Born out of frustration with gastroenterologists who just utterly failed me, and a worsening condition, it became quite clear I had to take care of me. And besides, isn’t that what they used to do it? I was just so broken and not sleeping more than 2 or 3 hours a night for a very long time… I was so ready physically and emotionally for this fast! The plan was 3-4 days and I was okay with not being able to do the 4 if needed. My bone broth was ready and waiting, I had all my supplies and schedule, I had my step-down food for the elimination diet following the fast.


Here we go, Day 1 – 10/26/18

I weighed myself right off, weight loss was not the purpose of the fast (though I could seriously use it) but who can ever fast without the scale calling your name? I wanted a baseline for scientific reasons! ❤  I had my bone broth and meds, and I felt fairly good and excited for this day! I had green tea mid-morning as is the usual plan, and I use Choice Organic Genmaicha, along with more bone broth. At noon I decided to make a little something special so I used Almond Breeze Almond/Coconut blend, a dollop of Greek Yogurt, and some organic Cacao (superfood!) powder. Blended it all up and it was like a little treat! I need treats. Water, I need to drink more water. Bone broth. Oolong tea-mild. Bone broth. Water. Kefir. Bone broth. All this worked out well for day one. I felt fine, but noticed my leg muscles needed stretching more, felt they were trying to tell me something. My blood pressure systolic was up a little, pulse down. But wait! There’s more!

The fabulous takeaway- I slept like a baby all night in my own bed.   Zzzz…


Day 2 – 10/27/18

I wasn’t going to, I was going to wait until after the fast… but… it was calling me! I weighed myself… I weighed the exact same, down to the ounce! <sigh> Did my bone broth 3 times, added in-between was Kefir and Kombucha (not sure about this Kombucha, it seems just a little fizzy enough that it might be stomach harsh, we’ll see how it goes, oh and in case you’re wondering… I rarely drink carbonated drinks, on occasion but usually avoid… because the stomach doesn’t care for them). Back to the fermented drinks, like I mentioned in the last blog, you are killing off bad bacteria… you want to make sure you add in good live cultures. And I’ll take a sec to add in here info about Kefir in case you’re lactose intolerant:  http://lifewaykefir.com/kefir-the-cultured-dairy-beverage-should-be-drinking/

I felt just a little weaker and tired today, not bad, mild-moderate. I remember Dr. Axe saying to take it easy. Not a problem, my body won’t let me do anything else! I got a load of laundry done! Early evening David and I were working on a puzzle and I lost track of time, suddenly it was later evening and BAM! I thought I was going to throw up, crazy bad nausea. I headed to the kitchen heated up my bone broth but also made some hard boiled eggs… and I had one. Neat little packages of protein (I do the pinprick thing to help some gas escape the egg while cooking). So between the both of them, I started to feel better. Followed up with some Kefir… crisis averted. Lesson- pay attention! Don’t lose track of your schedule!

I slept like a baby all night in my own bed.   Zzzz…

Day 3 – 10/28/18

Down 3 pounds 2 oz. My body feels different, my joints hurt- I haven’t taken my Plaquenil for 2 days, but I think I will. My muscles oddly feel a little better. Inflammation going down a bit? I see my RA guy on Thursday so will bring in many questions with me! Pretty much just followed my fast plan today. I also thought about continuing the fast for day 4 but will wait to see how I feel tomorrow. This was an uneventful day. We took a drive, checked out our Herons down at Chambers Creek. They were in the pines waiting for the tide to go out to feed again. There were a few along the water stretching their necks up and enjoying the sun.


The evening went well, like I said, uneventful and followed my plan.

I slept like a baby all night in my own bed.   Zzzz…

Day 4 – 10/29/18

I didn’t weigh myself, can you believe that? I just forgot! I did my bone broth and meds, but around mid-morning, before the next drink, I decided to introduce some food. My reasons were just from feeling weak, and also worried about taking meds without food. There were just a few, but the combination of them on just a fluid diet brings the possibility of harm to my stomach that I’m trying to heal. I completed the 3 days and I’m happy with that. I made a less than 1-serving of oatmeal in almond milk with a teaspoon of maple syrup. Tasted too sweet!!! I did have my bone broth several times today and decided to add some carrots, okay, 1-carrot that I cooked to complete doneness! Don’t forget, I have a compromised gut so I’m not taking any chances! They tasted different. I’ll come back to this… I will add that a couple of hours afterward I felt like I had rocks in my stomach. The lesson then would be to go s-l-o-w-e-r introducing food. That’s the sum of the food I had, other than that I stuck with the bone broth and Kefir.

Epilogue Day 5 (Current) 10/30/18

  • Pros- I got off Ibuprofen, which was one of the goals… a big one
  • I’m sleeping  (YES!!!)
  • I have no stomach pain or gas
  • I lost a few pounds
  • I can do this again
  • I’m looking forward to other added benefits

The most important thing I learned during this fast was that I COULD fast! I really wasn’t so sure that I could figure this all out with docs and meds and me! So… ‘well done’ for me! I had a friend, Abigail that did a 6-day fast last year and talked about it off and on throughout the year. It’s good to have a connection with someone who has done this, not necessary, but good to have. She told me then and off an on how different things tasted to her. I have found that to be true as well, the oatmeal was too sweet and I used less than I used to! Carrots tasted differently. I know her fast was a very profound experience for her and she recommends it.

My elimination diet for the week will be carrots, some meat and fish proteins. All in very small quantities since I’m getting used to eating again. I had carrots for breakfast. Hey, I can eat whatever I want whenever I want! They sounded good. So, there it is. Of course, I would rather have a latte with beignet or chocolate croissant, but… oh well. Those are out. Which brings up another thing… prior to the fast I had every morning a 16 oz strong French roast coffee with half & half and teaspoon of raw sugar. Now… it’s black. Not sure how long that will last but definitely will not add sugar back into the mix. No one recommends coffee or any caffeine during a fast. Sorry. I’m one of those people that if I don’t have my coffee by 10am in the morning I start a caffeine headache that is growing, relentless, and severe… even when I get coffee back in me at some point. I know others don’t have this problem and good for you. I was not going to have that pain and agony going on while trying to wade the waters of a 3-4 day fast. That would have been failure for sure.


I admit I’m scared of vegetables. I mean I’m really scared of vegetables! I will try adding one a week and see how that goes. What the heck, I’m afraid of all food but I need to start adding them back in. I will keep a little diary of food and what it does… this is what an elimination diet is, finding out the culprits that make your life miserable!

Right now I’m going to have a little bone broth.

Here is Dr. Axe’s website:   https://draxe.com/bone-broth-fast/fbclid=IwAR2BFkpgfXhE0GgPkAO7o4IbLvJrk6SKAiP8Ju3ih5xggQBN3DZHlZKESkY









We can’t forget Dr. Mercola’s website, he’s a huge proponent of fasting… frequently!   https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/12/16/bone-broth-benefits.aspx


You know, I admit I used to think these guys were really out there… I would look at their websites on occasion just for alternative ideas regarding health issues I was dealing with. Now, they seem to be the guys that are actually helping me.

I have health issues that are beyond a “heal yourself” reality. But, just maybe… I can make huge improvements that lead to good things happening inside me. Those issues might become not so big. This is what I’m hoping this bone broth fast will do. I’m very hopeful, will pay attention!

If you’re going to do a bone broth fast good luck to you and I hope sharing my experience helps you!


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