I had a chat with my sister today, told her about plans for inner adventure. You see, last year in October I decided to embrace the Law of Attraction, got the planner, went off social media for November along with no news, no negative input. It actually did have an impact on me that feels pretty permanent.

I have a pretty insatiable drive for inner growth and understanding, and I’m pretty open to change, or making change. I’m well practiced, so you could also say I’m pretty experienced at it. I shared with her that I had just gotten two books- “A Course in Miracles Made Easy: Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love” (and I’ll add here that I read ACIM back in the 80’s and liked it a lot, learned some things and wanted something a little more practical that I could put into actual use) and “The Morning Sidekick Journal / The Morning Habit Tracker! Create Your Perfect Morning Routine. A Science-Driven Daily Planner for Building Positive Life Habits…”


There are a lot of journal/workbooks out there but this one spoke to me. Very practical.

My sister asked me why I do all this stuff. What a great question, huh? Well, for me you have to look at the goals that I’ve pretty much settled on, though its fluid until I actually start the workbook.

While I have several little goals, I won’t bore you with those… the big chunks are about being mindful about what goes in my mouth, getting some sort of exercise in daily (I believe in rotation), these two things lead me to my ultimate goal– to feel physically better and therefore happier. Happiness or getting closer to it more frequently is what it’s all about. A Course in Miracles is to help on the spiritual end… as my friend would say- “spear-chul!” This is always important to me.


I chose this ACIM rather than the big one because I… okay… big admission here… because I feel a little special-ed these days. Chemo took way too many brain cells, and while I’m trying to salvage or retain what I can… I can’t hope for osmosis with the original text, I don’t have that particular capability… I wish. I CAN put this version to work though… I think… we’ll see. Imagine a Cheshire grin here… or don’t… here’s one for you…


Doing all the things I can to help myself feel better is probably the most important thing I can do in life at this point. I live with pain every day. I have stomach issues. The last 4 years have been the worst for me physically speaking, but I believe I can affect some change in the future. Pain is my number one trigger for going off the rails with food and everything else. I hope to put those moments further or farther between one another until… POOF!

OR… There is always this-

***Pain may stay, but how I think about it can change.

Don’t ever give up. Whether it’s food, exercise, whatever, don’t give up even if you have to try hundreds of times. I must at least be at a hundred times, and that’s because I never give up. Every day is a new day of possibilities, seriously. Don’t wait to be inspired, inspire yourself. Figure out what you need and do what you can to make a change. That light at the end of the tunnel??? It never goes away, it’s always there even when you think it isn’t.

Love to you,



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